The Beddegama Ecopark is situated in the Deep South of Sri Lanka, in Tissamaharama, and is surrounded by the "Wedahiti Kanda" mountain range, known in local folklore to be the home of god Kataragama.

The jungle around the Beddegama Ecopark is flourishing, with the thickets parts being undisturbed for hundreds of years, preserving its myriad of tropical flora and fauna. Various birds and animals including monkeys are a common sight, and even if you can't see them, you will definitely hear them!

There are a number of accomodation options including wattle and daub cottages, treehouses, a dorm room and a camp site with tents. Keeping in line with their eco-practices, the rooms are built using local traditional methods and incorporate special natural clays which act as a natural deterrent to insects. While remaining simple on the outside, the rooms are modern and comfortable on the inside.

The site is ideal for yoga enthusiasts and there is an onsite professional yoga instructor available with a couple of different packages to choose from. Ayurveda treatments can also be scheduled.

The Ecopark's food is freshly harvested from the garden and prepared in a deliciously simple rice and curry style. They also do a great BBQ for dinner.

There are plenty of attractions in the area including the famous Katharagama Temple, Yala National Park, Kirinda Beach and Wedasity Kanda (believed to be the home of God Kataragama, a 1 hour climb will take you to some spectacular views and serene atmosphere).

Beddegama Ecopark