Set upon in a rural village, 150Km from Colombo, in a 100 acre land Kalundewa Retreat, was the result of a soul searching journey to combine farming and travel to live side by side with nature. Protecting and preserving the environment is at the core of Kalundewa and because of this the retreat has just 6 guest units within an expanse of 100 acres and no plans of expansion to truly maintain the feeling of being one with nature.

The hotel strives to offer its nature-conscious guests a "guilt-free" vaction with its green initiatives. More than 50% of their electricity is generated from solar panels, their lands are partially irrigated by ground water pumped through a windmill also contributes to the local community, most of whom are famers and find their livelihood working on the lands.

Sleeping quarters are spread across three buildings and include the most modern conveniences: the first sits in the paddocks, housing three rooms; the second and third buildings are overwater, set in the wetlands and shrouded by a canopy of trees. One building holds two bedrooms, the other holds just one – the Kubuk Chalet, which is the most private option and has its own overwater plunge pool.

Kalundewa offers a feast for the senses including a choice of cuisine made from the freshest organic produce sourced directly from their lands. They also feature a natural spring pool, tucked away beneath giant trees and surrounded by stunning views, as well as beautiful nature trails, bird watching opportunities and a relaxing wind-down of meditation and yoga amidst the beauty of nature.