Built on a sprawling spread of approximately 5 acres, the chalets are located in seclusion, preserving as much privacy and sanctuary as possible. The fact that there is no barrier or fences (to preserve natural trails and to reduce as much as possible the effect of encroaching on nature) erected around The Other Corner in no way diminishes the sense of solitude and peace one feels.

All accommodation at The Other Corner are air-conditioned with modern facilities & amenities including tea/coffee service and mini fridges. Be it an intimate party of two or a larger group we have many types of accommodation to suit your needs.

Cool to the point of being somewhat cold in the early mornings and night, the mist gives way to the rays of the sun providing a warm invigorating atmosphere for most of the year. The rainy season is between September & November which brings welcome rains to both the animals & farmers alike. The warm gentle breezes that flow throughout the year is what makes Habarana so special. Getaway from the heat of the city and experience the tranquility and calm that only the TOC can provide.

The natural surroundings of The Other Corner are filled with a large variety of diverse species. Commonly seen are the magnificent elephants who stride majestically through the area. Also in abundance are various amphibians and mammals. The birds, both resident & migrant, frequent the gardens and needless to say it is a butterfly haven.