Who we are

Sri Lanka Wild Trails is one of the leading wildlife and eco-tourism companies, designing personalized tours to match all budgets. We cater to FIT, small groups, film crews and even incentive groups who's focus is on nature and wildlife.

We have our own dedicated operations team in the office and a team of near-fanatic wildlife enthusiasts in the field.

As a team we have always searched far and wide to bring you the best offers available and we've improved on them by adding a few "WILD" extras.

The company's philosophy revolves around the concept of "traveling WILD" which for us primarily means helping our clients connect with the Sri Lankan wildlife in an interesting and insightful manner. WILD could be either budget or luxury travelling. We sometimes consider WILD as basic camping or staying in a Mud hut since it helps you connect with what is "different", "real" and "true" about Sri Lanka.

Our goal is that we provide you with maximum exposure to the wildlife as much as possible, but making sure that you're well rested and well pampered, since after all, you're on a holiday.

With years of experience scouring the island for the country's most captivating nature destinations, we possess resources and insight not available to other tour companies. Look at our itineraries and you'll see that they include access to private wildlife reserves, remote corners of national parks (away from tourist crowds) and distinctive lodges and camps situated where wildlife viewing is best.

Despite all the intricate planning that goes into creating a superlative nature adventure, we know a successful trip can only happen with an extraordinary guide at the helm. That's why we have our own collection of best wildlife guides in the country.

All of our trips are centered around nature – that's our hallmark. Yet many focus on special activities that align even further with individual interests.

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