Medirigiriya Vatadage - Polonnaruwa

This is a unique architectural building built on a small rock. At the bottom of the staircase at the entrance, is a massive stone frame. After climbing 27 stone steps you come to a resting area, and then 4 more steps to reach the Stupa house. Around the Stupa house is a stone wall which is about one meter in height. On the four sides are four beautifully carved Buddha statues in the seating position. In the centre there has been the Stupa which is in ruins today. The roof of the Stupa house has been built on three concentric circles of stone pillars.

The brami characters found on the bricks and some of the stone carvings is an indication of the long history of this site. The first reference to this site in the chronicles is during the king Kanittha Tissa (192-194)