Sinharaja Rainforest Lodge & Biological Reserve

Step into the wilderness where time stands still in eternal moments of sheer bliss, where nature and man make a merger of the most spectacular kind. Discover the Sinharaja rainforest, the only natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country whose diverse culture of exquisite flora and fauna pave the way for an enchanting experience. Feel at home within 16 comfortable chalets that are designed with recycled material and adorned with every amenity imaginable. An unparalleled level of sustainability has been reached by incorporating the best practices in the spheres of planning, construction and operations.

Awarded the 'LEEDS PLATINUM for Sustainable Tourism' through Eco Management, The Rainforest, Deniyaya, Sri Lanka is proud to be the 1st in Sri Lanka, 5th in the world and 4th in Asia to be crowned with this rare honour. IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, provided advisory assistance and USAID supported the initiative.

Feel at home within 16 comfortable Chalets that are designed with recycled material and adorned with every amenity imaginable. The Chalets are situated among the tea patch and offer guests breathtaking views of the forest canopy and tea estate that provide for lasting memories. Experience the vibrant shades of nature all at once.

Each chalet consists of a bedroom, washroom, living room and private deck.

Guests can experience the waves of mist that appear in a split second and last just as long. Raindrops hitting the earth with a happy thud followed by the sublime sound of streams that mysteriously come alive as if on some secret impulse.

Conforming to a world renowned ecotourism concept, each Chalet is architecturally designed using 2 1/2 recycled shipping containers and is perched on stilts above the tea patch. The interior is ideally decorated with recycled bamboo panelling. while